These bags revolutionized my shopping experience!

Why purchase more reusable bags when everyone already has a stash? Allow me to explain. My kitchen cabinet has a chaotic jumble of bags, and it's high time for a change. The forgetfulness factor is real; I'm consistently leaving these bags behind prompting another last-minute grocery store bag purchase. Not only is this inconvenient but the fabric and handles of those impromptu bags rarely meet my liking. The constant worry of them tearing before I even reach home adds to the frustration. So I thought I needed to get the perfect shopping bags I used to sell over a decade ago!

This perfect shopping bag is the flip & tumble 24-7 bag and it is the one must-have reusable bag. Its ingeniously designed little pouch allows you to fold it down to a size that fits perfectly in your purse or everyday bag, so it’s simply there when you need it. Handy for shopping, traveling, the gym, your lunch and so much more. Despite its lightweight design, it can effortlessly carry up to 35 pounds. It's not just sturdy; it's also incredibly easy to maintain. When the bag needs a refresh, simply toss it in the washing machine. After a quick trip through the wash, it emerges as good as new, ready for its next adventure. It also has a felt patch that not only adds to the bag's comfort but also serves the practical purpose of keeping it securely on your shoulder. It's these little details that make it the ultimate choice for a reusable bag, offering both convenience and comfort!



September 07, 2023 — Aileen Selkirk


Our little boutique makes big decisions about what we offer, I love beautiful textiles and I am always searching for the latest innovations in fabrics. Here is a new one Seacell! Science is always advancing, there are natural fibres that are blending and growing! Stop in and take a peek at really interesting material combinations, clothing made with love from the earth to labs and carefully selected by us for all the right reasons. 
Seacell is entirely renewable and biodegradable, and it harnesses the natural power of seaweed to protect the skin from new radicals. 


Practice Kindness 

February 23, 2023 — Posh Staff

Lost Luggage

It's in the headlines and happening more often!
Packing with the expectation of not getting your bag for 2-4 days or even longer is the new normal.
The positive side to this is it can free up your checked bag for bringing home some items from the country you're visiting and also let you pack something needed or special to leave behind! If visiting a developing country. I have been know to bring art supplies for children or clothing to leave behind. 
In your carry on, pack what you need for two or more days (you can wash in a sink if it's longer than two days). If you're going to a hot climate, pack your bathing suit, cover up, extra panties, a sundress, a light linen pant and sandals. I travel in a white linen shirt that can do double duty. Open over a bathing, but buttoned up as a top. Or tied in a knot, The Posh Shirt ——— is versatile and always perfect on the plane in light jeans or black linen pants. If it's really cold getting to the airport I'll put a tank top underneath.  ———  Again great to wear on its own,  if you're working with a tiny wardrobe situation.
Bon Voyage!
January 26, 2023 — Posh Staff


As the year draws to a close, my sincere thanks are to all our customers, staff, suppliers, and creative makers. It has been a year full of laughter and a strong sense of community at the boutique. Queen St East is truly a special part of Toronto, all thanks to the wonderful people who decided to shop locally and tell their friends and family about the e-commerce shop. I am forever grateful that I have been able to find my true calling in life, which is to make women feel comfortable and at ease with fashion. I speak for my staff and I know they have a sense of satisfaction too. This year Posh with the help of you my dear readers donated to several charities:
The Canadian Ukrainian Foundation, Local food banks, The Humberview rehabilitation center for children, and The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
I wish you all a wonderful holiday time.

Love Aileen and the fantastic team that supports me. Jessica, Julie, Linda, Leah, Stephanie, and behind-the-scenes Donna. And of course, my family!
Cheers to all.

December 15, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

Cara & The Sky

I love this brand! 

Who doesn’t love fun, oversized light weight sweaters and dresses. Posh discovered this knitwear company and it fits all our values with wonderful style. Founded by Cara in 2019, Cara & The Sky is an independent British brand with a focus on positivity & sustainability.The collection is designed for fun-loving, free spirited humans with a love for knitwear, bright colours and unique style. Filled with colourful yarns, fun twists and playful stitches, the collection is designed by Cara and all made locally in the UK.

Check it out here!

With Love, 



November 10, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

Keep on Rockin'

I love hearing live music and Toronto has an amazing selection of places to see and experience music from all genres. I prefer the smaller venues like Massy Hall, Danforth music hall, The Rex Hotel, The Pilot, The Reservoir Lounge. The many independent restaurants that showcase new and very experienced talent such as  The Jazz bistro and Castros (on Queen St E)  always has great sounds coming from its doors.

At the shop I often hear “I love that top, jacket etc,  but I don’t have any place where to wear it!”

My response is always well GO OUT!! we live in a vibrant city! So full of talented musicians. Life is to short to stay in front of the TV all the time. This past summer I experienced fantastic acoustic Brazilian music and a Country / Rock concert, performed by The Chicks. Also, music from Ethiopia in an intimate space. Now with the cooler weather creeping in I am looking forward to exploring new places. As the Canadian ICON songwriter and singer, Neil Young sang

"Keep on rockin in the free world”   

In my new rock star sweater and black pleather pants.

"its only rock and roll and I like it"


September 15, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

French Girl Style

When I think of stylish women with a flair for looking modern but classic, the term "chic french look" comes to mind. The iconic long sleeve-stripe t-shirt, paired with a slim dark unadorned denim jean or a cream sweater with pearl earrings. Or perhaps a little black dress worn with a red lip. Of course, a classic long wool fall coat in a neutral colour tossed over a black knit pant paired with a soft satin blouse thumb tucked on one side of the waistband.

A good purse that is practical like a crossbody bag that holds our belongings without shiny bling or patterns on it is always a perfect choice. A scarf can finish an outfit and even camouflage a part of the body that you do not want to drag attention to. Or just tie the scarf around the handle of a bag for that “je ne sais quoi".

The polished look of a french women really is about confidence from within. Self care is also so important! A hair salon visit, a facial at home or a trip to one of the professional spas that are now so easy to find. Taking the time for rest and treating your self well is the best way to fee l "put together".Sometimes investing in an alteration to a garment ensures you have proper fitting clothing that suits your shape and figure, invest in good quality fabrics that speak “timelessness”.

It makes my day when I have customers come in the shop and tell me that  they are still wearing clothing purchased many years ago from Posh, that still hold up as THE FRENCH LOOK.
September 08, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

We're going knits up!

This season’s knitwear at Posh is the dressier side of casual. Life is now a hybrid of working from home, going to the office and back to our old routines. Our lives are now seamlessly integrated and blended.
The  knitwear designers have gone into interesting colour pairings. Rooted in mother nature, the palettes bring in interesting juxtapositions with pops of bright colours.
They have have created a uniqueness of patterns that showcase nature's imperfect perfection. 
For example, this season there are earthy camel knits with unexpected pops of orange like this one from Zaket & Plover (see here)
The knits speak to a sense of nature's consciousness with natural green hues; from moss, to dark ivy shades, and woodsy browns to warm coppers. 
There are tones ranging from sophisticated deep lake blues to light, icy, arctic tones. 
There are pale rose pinks teamed with chocolate brown and textures that look charmingly handmade. 
The Zaket and Plover Sweater collection is outstanding this season. They will be perfect worn with your favourite jeans or perhaps a satin skirt! 
Both fitted and unstructured knitted vests have made a come back too! Wear them over a long sleeve t-shirt, blouse or even a dress! 
The fibres are natural as well - washed wools, cotton cashmere blends - so they are good for Mother earth.
Quality over fast fashion is what our knitwear is all about.  
August 11, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

New Website!

As in fashion, changes are always happening. I am always asking my customers what we can do to improve your experience. I have listened and have made exciting new changes to our website.

We are a small independent boutique and sizes are always an issue, now you can filter sizes. To see only your sizes select the filter button on the left side of the collection page, then select the your sizes, and then select 'hide' out of stock below. A simple two click process to narrow down what is available.

We also have now swatch colours available. Often we have a style in a few colours, but not a photograph of the other colour way, with our new site you can now view the other options of colours offered.

I have tried to improve your experience navigating the online store without straying too far. Please do let me know your thoughts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you will like it. More updates are coming, its a work in progress...


Aileen and the Posh team. 

June 01, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

Ukraine Charity Donation!

I just wanted to shout out my AMAZING Posh Customers and to Green Eyed Kitty (a small company that makes beautiful jewellery for Posh) In Collaboration, we raised $1,150.00 for the Canada - Ukraine Foundation for the humanitarian aid for the war in the Ukraine. By selling bracelets and charms! I want to give a big hug to all the customers who purchased the bracelets and for your ongoing support towards the boutique that has created such a great community over the years. I am so very grateful for our Queen St E. loyal customers, you all rock!!
Be kind to yourself and others, you never know what people are dealing with these days.  

Peace & love to all, 


P.S seek out restaurants that are donating to the Ukraine, I found a wonderful hidden gem in the basement of a church on Bathurst S. It made a cool little outing, and the cabbage rolls were awesome! The Heavenly Pierogi at 400 Bathurst St. in the basement of the church. The take home frozen pierogis were great too.


May 05, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

Are skinny jeans still in?

In my experience throughout the years, I can honestly say buying jeans is most commonly a frustrating experience for women. There are so many options, different trends and silhouettes. What may appeal to one person, is a fashion “don't” for another. Getting the right jean is important, especially when you consider how much you wear them. The average is 3 times a week! Looking at fit, fabric and quality are key to making sure denim stay up without a belt and not have them stretch out at the knees or elsewhere. 
The current question I get asked these days are skinny jeans still in? The answer is YES! It is wonderful now there is so many choices! Straight, skinny, wide, high rise, boot cut, there all good and suit different body types. Depending on your shape will determine whether you suit a particular style, at Posh we have a broad selection available to find your perfect fit and look. I like choice! A skinny, a wider pant with high rise cut and of course cropped for summer. Turns out on average Canadian women own 6 pairs and we hang on to them for 6.5 years!
That’s investment dressing.
March 02, 2022 — Aileen Selkirk

The Bees of Notre Dame

At my boutique you can always find some common themes, one being things from France. The new Cocoa Cashmere sweaters that just arrived in are designed in Paris and this company also creates and produces for the established brand of Chanel, all as sustainable as possible.

Another theme is bees! Our in house designer of jewellery, shares my interest in Bees and has made some lovely Bee jewelry. When she brought it in, she called her earrings" Bees of Notre Dame” it turns out when the fire ravished the cathedral  in April 2019, 180,000 bees survived the fire! This peaked my interest so I researched and it turns out Paris has 350 hives on the roof tops and the smoke puts bees to sleep. When bees sense fire they gorge themselves on honey and stay put to protect their queen. Kinda like us humans, when facing pandemics! It was considered a miracle that they did not die and what a wondrous fact that is to know. Toronto has a official Bee, it is a Green Sweat Bee species. There are lots of websites about protecting bees and I joined one called Bumble Bee Watch, there is also Pollinate T.O. for information on what to plant to help our treasure bees. check it out!

February 03, 2022 — Posh Staff