Ukraine Charity Donation!


Ukraine Charity Donation!

I just wanted to shout out my AMAZING Posh Customers and to Green Eyed Kitty (a small company that makes beautiful jewellery for Posh) In Collaboration, we raised $1,150.00 for the Canada - Ukraine Foundation for the humanitarian aid for the war in the Ukraine. By selling bracelets and charms! I want to give a big hug to all the customers who purchased the bracelets and for your ongoing support towards the boutique that has created such a great community over the years. I am so very grateful for our Queen St E. loyal customers, you all rock!!
Be kind to yourself and others, you never know what people are dealing with these days.  

Peace & love to all, 


P.S seek out restaurants that are donating to the Ukraine, I found a wonderful hidden gem in the basement of a church on Bathurst S. It made a cool little outing, and the cabbage rolls were awesome! The Heavenly Pierogi at 400 Bathurst St. in the basement of the church. The take home frozen pierogis were great too.



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