Are skinny jeans still in?


Are skinny jeans still in?
In my experience throughout the years, I can honestly say buying jeans is most commonly a frustrating experience for women. There are so many options, different trends and silhouettes. What may appeal to one person, is a fashion “don't” for another. Getting the right jean is important, especially when you consider how much you wear them. The average is 3 times a week! Looking at fit, fabric and quality are key to making sure denim stay up without a belt and not have them stretch out at the knees or elsewhere. 
The current question I get asked these days are skinny jeans still in? The answer is YES! It is wonderful now there is so many choices! Straight, skinny, wide, high rise, boot cut, there all good and suit different body types. Depending on your shape will determine whether you suit a particular style, at Posh we have a broad selection available to find your perfect fit and look. I like choice! A skinny, a wider pant with high rise cut and of course cropped for summer. Turns out on average Canadian women own 6 pairs and we hang on to them for 6.5 years!
That’s investment dressing.

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