At my boutique you can always find some common themes, one being things from France. The new Cocoa Cashmere sweaters that just arrived in are designed in Paris and this company also creates and produces for the established brand of Chanel, all as sustainable as possible.

Another theme is bees! Our in house designer of jewellery, shares my interest in Bees and has made some lovely Bee jewelry. When she brought it in, she called her earrings" Bees of Notre Dame” it turns out when the fire ravished the cathedral  in April 2019, 180,000 bees survived the fire! This peaked my interest so I researched and it turns out Paris has 350 hives on the roof tops and the smoke puts bees to sleep. When bees sense fire they gorge themselves on honey and stay put to protect their queen. Kinda like us humans, when facing pandemics! It was considered a miracle that they did not die and what a wondrous fact that is to know. Toronto has a official Bee, it is a Green Sweat Bee species. There are lots of websites about protecting bees and I joined one called Bumble Bee Watch, there is also Pollinate T.O. for information on what to plant to help our treasure bees. check it out!

February 03, 2022 — Posh Staff


Sharron said:

Happy Spring!
Plant bee friendly flowers in your garden this season. I hear they like Black-eyed Susans.

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