Aileen's Closet Clear Out


This self-isolation has been full of surprises!  After days of hibernation, I stepped out and was shocked that the temperature was 17 degrees. I was dressed in my winter puffy coat and sweltered while lining up at the grocery store (on a positive note they had eggs). As I was being teased with the warm weather; I decided the next day I would tackle my closet and drawers for a much needed clean out.

To begin the task ahead of me, I put on a new German radio station that I recently discovered on TuneIn Radio- channel Groove FM .de. To add to the atmosphere, I made a cup of my favourite tea. With no hesitation, I started dumping clothes from my closet and from my drawers. Since my bed and floors were now covered, I had no choice to keep going. It was the point of no return (lol)!

Spontaneously, I made the following rules for myself:

I was not going to be sentimental about any item (easily said than done!).

If they no longer fit, they were adios (this included many of them (lol) especially due to the lack of movement these days!).

If the clothes were three years or older, they joined the clothes that no longer fit.

If I held up the clothing, and it no longer gave me that ‘spark of joy’ it would need a new home (to bring someone else joy 😊). 


Once I was done, I bagged the clothes to go to my daughter who kindly distributes them to those in need. I was astonished by how much space I now had!

I kept what I call my ‘essentials’ which is mostly newer items. For bottoms, I love my Miik bamboo leggings in black (so comfortable!). I now have four pair of jeans and two pair of pants - all for different moods and uses. For example:

Dark black Liverpool skinny jeans look great tucked in ankle boots.

Up blue denim jeans are super casual with sneakers with my new sweater from Repeat.

Grey Mac jeans are perfect paired with sandals or low-heeled mules.

Up print summer pants look fun with a wonderful simple bamboo t-shirt.

When looking over what was left, it occurred to me this is now my ‘self-isolating comfort clothing wardrobe’. To be honest, I am looking forward to warmer air and wearing fresh new summer dresses for my neighbourhood walks. I will treat myself to a fancy dress to celebrate when gatherings are going to be okay (hopefully sooner than later). 

Its been a hell of a few weeks, but with new clothes and an empty closet smiling at me…it makes me feel better with hopes for better times.


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