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My goodness, I am truly having a hard time this year as Mother’s Day approaches. I lost my mother in the spring of 2016, and I miss her so much. During this COVID-19 situation, I miss her even more. 

I was brought up with a loving and caring Mum, who came from Scotland. She lived through the war and the bombing of her city as a child. She remembered the hardships and often shared her experiences with us as kids. Mum always wanted us to be grateful for what we had. When growing up our back porch was always filled shelves of canned good ‘just in case’. We always joked in case of what…WW3?

There was always soup on the stove that would last for days. It started as a broth on Sunday and lasted until Thursday, everyday being different soup. Over four days, Mum would ensure the soup would be constantly evolving; from classic broth, adding vegetables and protein, putting in noodles and perhaps adding more stock and grain. I think that is why I enjoy making soup so much. A home filled with the smell of comfort and security. All made with love!

As we all know Covid-19 has taken away some of our beloved older generation. As Mother’s Day approaches, I am hoping that many of us reflect on some of the eye-opening issues our older generation face daily. I am also hoping that these challenges will be addressed on a permanent basis, not just during this three-month crisis.

To name a few small changes that are happening to support our elders include; opening the groceries stores earlier for the elderly and disabled, saying hello or smiling to them on a walk and taking food to those most of need. In my opinion, this is what the real “social net” should be.

Growing up, Mum always told me it was only common courtesy to always greet folks when walking in the neighbourhood. Sharing food was always common, especially to those in need. On a positive note, recently my Stepmother told me she really felt valued when shopping the other day as a senior. Something as a simple greeting can be a meaningful connection for an elder and will warm their heart.

We all collectively need to be kinder and gentler with each other…just like a good Mother. 

 Happy Mother’s Day!




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