Keep on Rockin'


Keep on Rockin'

I love hearing live music and Toronto has an amazing selection of places to see and experience music from all genres. I prefer the smaller venues like Massy Hall, Danforth music hall, The Rex Hotel, The Pilot, The Reservoir Lounge. The many independent restaurants that showcase new and very experienced talent such as  The Jazz bistro and Castros (on Queen St E)  always has great sounds coming from its doors.

At the shop I often hear “I love that top, jacket etc,  but I don’t have any place where to wear it!”

My response is always well GO OUT!! we live in a vibrant city! So full of talented musicians. Life is to short to stay in front of the TV all the time. This past summer I experienced fantastic acoustic Brazilian music and a Country / Rock concert, performed by The Chicks. Also, music from Ethiopia in an intimate space. Now with the cooler weather creeping in I am looking forward to exploring new places. As the Canadian ICON songwriter and singer, Neil Young sang

"Keep on rockin in the free world”   

In my new rock star sweater and black pleather pants.

"its only rock and roll and I like it"



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