French Girl Style!


French Girl Style!
When I think of stylish women with a flair for looking modern but classic, the term "chic french look" comes to mind. The iconic long sleeve-stripe t-shirt, paired with a slim dark unadorned denim jean or a cream sweater with pearl earrings. Or perhaps a little black dress worn with a red lip. Of course, a classic long wool fall coat in a neutral colour tossed over a black knit pant paired with a soft satin blouse thumb tucked on one side of the waistband.

A good purse that is practical like a crossbody bag that holds our belongings without shiny bling or patterns on it is always a perfect choice. A scarf can finish an outfit and even camouflage a part of the body that you do not want to drag attention to. Or just tie the scarf around the handle of a bag for that “je ne sais quoi".

The polished look of a french women really is about confidence from within. Self care is also so important! A hair salon visit, a facial at home or a trip to one of the professional spas that are now so easy to find. Taking the time for rest and treating your self well is the best way to fee l "put together".Sometimes investing in an alteration to a garment ensures you have proper fitting clothing that suits your shape and figure, invest in good quality fabrics that speak “timelessness”.

It makes my day when I have customers come in the shop and tell me that  they are still wearing clothing purchased many years ago from Posh, that still hold up as THE FRENCH LOOK.

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