Designer Spotlight: Indi & Cold!


Designer Spotlight: Indi & Cold!

Spain's rich fashion legacy seamlessly intertwines traditional styles with modern trends, and at the forefront stands Indi & Cold. Drawing inspiration from Spanish music, art, and culture, they craft pieces that harmoniously blend bold patterns, vibrant colours, and intricate details that make them stand out. 

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Indi & Cold sources their clothes from around the world, selecting the finest of each country's textile traditions to create its iconic collections. Their crochet pieces hail from Italy, capitalizing on the country's rich textile heritage. Meanwhile, their gorgeous blouses are produced in India using traditional block printing techniques. Additionally, much of their collection is made back home in Spain, allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint—a priority for the brand.

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Indi & Cold's unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices has garnered praise from environmentally conscious consumers who prioritize both style and ethics. The brand maintains long-standing relationships with each factory, with many spanning over a decade. By conducting regular visits to workshops, Indi & Cold ensures firsthand knowledge of production processes, thereby guaranteeing compliance with labor and environmental standards.

For those seeking a fresh and distinctive addition to their wardrobe, Indi & Cold is a must-have!

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