I Love Bamboo!


I think we are all asking ourselves if we are collectively ready for this new normal, and how we will navigate the next few months? As an eternal optimist, I have to believe it’s time for us to find balance in these changes. As I step out of the door to reopen my beloved shop, I have found myself increasingly looking at how to create more sustainability in everything I do—from the foods I choose to eat, to the clothes I wear and carry at Posh Clothing. We have always worked with ethically and environmentally sound companies and we will continue to support businesses that look to the future.
We are also focused on how to help our clients embody sustainability and renew themselves with renewable resources, such as bamboo clothing! Bamboo is a wood crop that is extremely fast-growing, can grow on degraded land, requires minimal water, and is able to be harvested many times. I have even been told that if you sit beside a bamboo plant long enough, you can actually hear it growing! In light of our current situation, it’s also interesting to note that there was also a study done in 2011 that determined the antimicrobial effect of regenerated bamboo samples was significantly higher than that of the cotton samples (2). As we all decide what to keep in the new normal, and what to ditch in an effort to make our world (and closets!) a better place, it’s good to know that bamboo is currently a more environmentally friendly choice than nylon, polyester, conventional cotton, and viscose from wood (1). Not only is it breathable and thermo-regulating, hypo-allergenic, highly absorbent, easy to care for, but, it is also very soft and luxurious to the touch. And for right now—it also might be as close as we’re getting to bamboo trees until we can travel and explore once more.
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