Designer Spotlight: Temple of Treasures!


Designer Spotlight: Temple of Treasures!

Shannon, the creative force behind Temple of Treasure, channels her lifelong passion for collecting and creating into a unique array of handpicked garments and handmade treasures. Starting with a childhood fascination with seashells, and evolving  into curating beautiful, distinctive pieces.

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Based in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Shannon not only sources pre-loved garments but also crafts bespoke collections with a strong focus on sustainability, using vintage materials whenever possible. Temple of Treasure's keychains are handmade from floral silk embroideries, each showcasing its own unique floral pattern and designed for practical use, whether attached to a wristlet during grocery runs or for hands-free convenience.

Shannon collaborates closely with Indian artisans to create core products like keychains and purse straps using authentic Indian fabrics. Each bag strap, handmade in Holland with durable cotton trim and adorned with embroidered details from India, is versatile enough for any bag, pouch, or phone case.

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Reflecting Shannon's dedication to quality and heritage, these items embody rich Indian craftsmanship. Her partnerships with three family businesses in India ensure the highest quality fabrics and designs that honor both her vision and traditional craftsmanship.





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