Exploring France's Charms: Aix de Provence and Unique Handmade Bags


Exploring France's Charms: Aix de Provence and Unique Handmade Bags

Bonjour from France! Recently, I embarked on a delightful trip that took me on a river cruise through the beautiful country side. In my latest video, that you can watch HERE , I share with you what I packed for my journey – essentials that made my river cruise experience both comfortable and stylish, all available right now at Posh.

One of the most memorable highlights of my trip was my visit to Aix de Provence. As I strolled through its charming streets lined with boutiques and cafes, I stumbled upon a true treasure - exquisite handmade bags that immediately captured my attention.

These bags are far from ordinary accessories; each one is a masterpiece in its own right. Crafted from natural fabrics and adorned with handcrafted beads, they exude a unique charm that reflects the artistry of their creators. What truly sets them apart are the vibrant digital prints featuring iconic women, blending contemporary flair with timeless design.

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I was so enthralled by these bags that I couldn't resist bringing a selection back with me to share with you at Posh!

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If you're planning your own adventure to France or simply love discovering unique artisanal creations, I highly recommend exploring the artisan shops in Aix de Provence. You never know what treasures await you.

Stay tuned for more updates from my travels and don't forget to watch my video for some packing tips for your next adventure!

À bientôt!



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