My Notes On Linen


I truly love linen fabric, also know as Flax fabric. People have been wearing linen for 36,000 years but the cultivation has been since the 16th century. It comes from the Flax plant which grows in many countries, not requiring a lot of water and all of the plant can be used for other purposes. Making it a sustainable environmentally friendly textile. Linen is biodegradable and recyclable. It has a short growing cycle and after one magical night it blooms with blue flowers. Then it is ready to be turned into all kinds of items like paper and rope even home insulation.

The stems are then turned into fabric, it is a labour intensive process and that is why it is a more expensive cloth. It has many benefits like it is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres, which makes its long lasting. It is is very easy to care for and it is truly the perfect clothing to wear in hot humid climates, even better than cotton. Linen does not retain moisture and it dries quickly which helps reduce heat retention. The fabric is a obvious choice for breathability and some say even the best to wear for people who has skin disorders because it allows air to flow freely.

I love the feel of linen, it gets softer and softer as time goes by. Washing linen is easy, wash in cold water gentle cycle with a detergent that is not too harsh because it will weaken the fibres and never bleach your Linen!
Hang to dry naturally, if it is not pre shrunk or it will shrink a bit. The characteristics of the fabric are the rumpled soft texture. It is naturally white, and is great at taking colour from dying.

To make sure you are buying 100% linen all you have to is grab a hand full of material, squeeze it tight and it will relax immediately with wrinkles. They are companies that say 100% and it is blends of other synthetic materials.

I embrace the wrinkles in linen it speaks that is linen!
I hope you enjoy our currant selection featured this week, we will be adding another grouping in 3 weeks time. Posh sells linen all year long, because its such a great material.

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