Hello everyone! I am reaching out because I’m very excited about the new fall season. There is newness all around in tech, media and of course in beautiful, fabulous new clothing and accessories at Posh.

We have added to our online store a new Canadian company that I believe has solved the sizing dilemma with buying online. With over 10 M accurate measurements Robosize predicts the best size and fit for you, so you can feel even more confidant in shopping online at Posh. We are adding the 'find my fit' button to many more collections everyday and all you have to do is click and fill in the brief questions to find your fit. 

We also have our new Fall/Winter 2021 Preview video showing a few of collections we have in now. You can also continue to read the Posh Blog! With funny stories from over 40 years of running an independent women clothing shop. I hope they entertain.


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