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Conscientious curating for Posh is always been on my radar, the pandemic gave us a golden opportunity to reinvent and undergo substantial change for the betterment of the planet and our mental health. I am in the business of dressing women and my goal it to make customers feel good physically and mentally. Wearing clothing and fashion in my opinion is about self expression, of course there is practicability as well- like rain coats for a wet day.

I love to walk in the rain and so I brought in several brands of rain gear into the boutique, all sensible in their own way. Joules raincoats have a warm cotton lining in blue and white stripes, in duck yellow exterior for a dull day. Joules also comes in pretty floral prints as well. We also have designer raincoats from Denmark by IIse Jacobson, their rain jackets are a great fit in classic style. I met Ilse a long time ago at a Danish trade show, gracious is how I would best describe her. Rain Kiss is a art focused line of modified ponchos. Designed in Amsterdam, they are  fun and have whimsical prints, comes in a one size fit and are super for biking! Go figure! They are also sustainably made from plastic bottles. Both the Joules and Rainkiss pack and fold into themselves with their pockets. So go for a walk, it’s good for your mental health and don’t let a little water dampen your spirit. Things are looking better everyday. “Getting better all the time". as the Beatles song goes.


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