A Word On Masks


Since the new normal is starting to emerge, I am following closely what the science and health experts are telling us. Masks are simply another tool in stopping the spread of the virus. You wearing a mask protects those around you, just like others wearing a mask protects you. If social distancing is not possible, it just makes sense to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

  am thinking of masks as another accessory…like replacing lipstick or a fun extension of an outfit. Some will be plain, and some will be patterned. We have prints that are fun and conservative fabrics as well.  One type of mask is called ‘Bay Street’. Yes, we are now naming the masks like lipsticks. I always thought what a great job, the person who gets to make up names for lipsticks and nail polish. 

 At the Posh shop I will have many kinds of masks in terms of the designs, shapes and sizes; so, everyone can find their individual fit, style and most importantly comfort. I am currently focusing on masks made in Canada to continue to support our wonderful and creative businesses. Posh currently has non-medical masks made in Montreal and a small town in Rockford, Ontario.

 Different companies use different fabrics and again having a choice is key in finding what works for you. We will have more coming in the future down the line, as my regular suppliers make them. From Turkey and USA - to have a wide range of price points. All the suppliers that are making masks are giving back or ‘paying it forward’, by providing donations or money to people who are struggling. Posh only works with companies that have an open heart in all that they do. Treating all employees with respect and paying decent wages in safe environment is a priority for me. So, now you know when you purchase a mask at Posh, its not just helping you and your loved ones, its helping others.

 Peace and Love 



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