A Note From Aileen


Hello Lovely Ladies, 

Everything always feels better when the sun shines. Ontario was super lucky in this regard this summer! 

Fall is coming and I love fall weather even more! Right now, in my business, this time of year it is all about transitioning into the next season. It made me think about how all of us have had to transition into a different world and the “new normal”. I was reading an article about how when the world has had unexpected change forced upon it, change often creates change for the betterment of humankind.

Change often does have many positive affects in all areas of our lives. I, personally have seen and watched all kinds of good change happen these past few months. So, when the world news breaks my heart, I remind myself that there is always goodness and light around the corner, and it will counter the darkness. 

This coming season, I know I will be wearing clothing to comfort my soul. I will be wearing fun up lifting whimsical prints to make other's giggle. Our art wear collections never disappoint to cause conversation. I also will be wearing tops that feel luxurious, with a wink, or a little detail here and there.We have a bamboo line from Terrera that is so right for these times of uncertainty. I will be wearing soft cozy knit sweaters. Chenille sweaters have returned! It’s like wearing a hug! Did you know, chenille translates to “caterpillar” in French? 

All Posh's bottoms have stretch, good for all the sitting and desk work that I’m doing much more of these days, also perfect for binge watching the new seasons coming up of my favorite shows. While walking about, I am looking at updating that fall jacket from a couple of years ago, because my mood needs uplifting. I know when I wear a new piece of clothing it works for me.

At Posh this fall season. All the fabrics and collections are embracing all the values I hold dear. Made ethically with the people that make them treated fairly. Quite often the firms that Posh does business with give back to their communities. It is more important than ever to shop locally and continue to keep our city with healthy main streets. I’m looking forward to expanding my bubble on Queen Street in the patios and seeing you in my little boutique.

All of us at Posh are so happy we made it this far. I truly Thank you for supporting us. Without you we would have permanently closed. 

Be well, stay safe 
Much Love to All 



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