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Christmas is 6 weeks away! Normally in the past I would personally wait until December 1st to get in the festive gift-giving mood. I truly love the last minute rush, the running around, even standing in line to decide which fine single malt scotch I should pick to drink for Christmas Eve by the fire. I used to not mind standing there, people watching and eavesdropping on snippets of conversations. But times have changed: this year the holiday shopping is starting early to avoid shipping delays as we mail gifts to our friends and family away from home. But I must confess, I’m thinking a bit more of self- gifting. Yes, I am going to get those few items that I always coveted to soothe my spirit. Why not! It will be like the Christmas when I snuck into my parents bedroom closet and carefully un-wrapped the big gift with my name on it. I acted surprised and the glance between my mother and I confirmed she knew I had peeked.

This time I'll be wrapping it up for myself and I’lll act surprised just for the fun of it. By the way, I never did snoop again.

Till next week
Be well and give out positive vibes, they come back at you.
Cheers Aileen
Colleen Durno

Hi Aileen, I can’t believe the self-gifting! That’s exactly what I have done..My husband will be so pleased as he won’t have to bother with anything!! I always act surprised..because sometimes I can’t remember what i bought .
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Xmas and A VERY Happy New year..Cheers to 2021. Colleen D.

Colleen Durno
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