Our Mission

Posh strives to always have something for everyone, we are a small business that’s mission is to make our customers feel good in what they are wearing. Posh tries to carry pieces at a variety of price points and to suit an array of styles. We love having pieces that you cannot find anywhere else, that bring a smile to your face and will last throughout the ever-changing seasons.

Where Posh pieces are made?

Posh loves supporting and selling brands that are made at home here in Canada however, our beautiful country does not have many manufactures and we lack the technology to work with woven and delicate fabrics. This means that in order to get the beautiful pieces that you love at an affordable price point many of our pieces are made in the US or overseas. At Posh our top priority has always been buying and selling clothes that have been made ethically. This means that we heavily research all overseas manufacturing to ensure that they have Canadian standard working conditions and fair wages for their workers.