The Magic of Market of Stars


The Magic of Market of Stars

Nestled on Vancouver Island, Market of Stars is a women-owned business that blends artistry, history, and a steadfast commitment to the environment. Their prints, offered in limited editions, are meticulously crafted with ethical considerations in mind and produced with care in small quantities. Each design is a harmonious blend of old, classic artworks and contemporary reinterpretations, brought to life through collaborations with local artists.

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Here's a closer look at some of our favourite stories from these amazing designers. The Love Grows Wild Kimono lush and verdant botanical print comes from “12 Months of Flowers," a series of remarkably beautiful hand-coloured etchings from the 1700s. The prints were commissioned by famed English gardener Robert Furber and published as a catalogue of flowers and seeds according to season.

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Another gem in their collection is the Map of My Heart Kimono. Created using an original 1846 print from New York entitled “A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart," it depicts exactly that. Market of Stars fell in love with the concept but decided to rewrite the narrative, swapping out many of the place names, like “Land of Fickleness” and “Land of Vanity” (no thank you), for what they felt in their own hearts—like “Land of Strength” and “Region of Reckless Joy." Some of the original words they decided to keep—including “District of Love” and “Land of Love of Dress"—because fashion will always be in our hearts.

Happy International Women's Day!  Let's celebrate the achievements and contributions of women everywhere. Here's to incredible women-owned businesses like Market of Stars.

Cheers to all the strong, brilliant, and empowered women out there,



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