Lost Luggage


Lost Luggage
It's in the headlines and happening more often!
Packing with the expectation of not getting your bag for 2-4 days or even longer is the new normal.
The positive side to this is it can free up your checked bag for bringing home some items from the country you're visiting and also let you pack something needed or special to leave behind! If visiting a developing country. I have been know to bring art supplies for children or clothing to leave behind. 
In your carry on, pack what you need for two or more days (you can wash in a sink if it's longer than two days). If you're going to a hot climate, pack your bathing suit, cover up, extra panties, a sundress, a light linen pant and sandals. I travel in a white linen shirt that can do double duty. Open over a bathing, but buttoned up as a top. Or tied in a knot, The Posh Shirt ——— is versatile and always perfect on the plane in light jeans or black linen pants. If it's really cold getting to the airport I'll put a tank top underneath.  ———  Again great to wear on its own,  if you're working with a tiny wardrobe situation.
Bon Voyage!

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