Echo Flourish Silk Square EN0485
Echo Flourish Silk Square EN0485
Echo Flourish Silk Square EN0485
Echo Flourish Silk Square EN0485
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Echo Flourish Silk Square EN0485

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The Echo Series Scarf 'Flourish' was based on French Globe de Mariee. This tradition began in France, in the late 1800's. It was a display for married couples to preserve the story of their wedding and life together. Each item that was chosen for the display had a very special and personal meaning, it was a symbol that told the story of the bridal couple. Over the years special items were added, like gilded symbols, mirrors, house sparrows, making this globe highly personal and unique.

- Mirrors evoke the reflection of the soul, symbolizing the truth. Every time one passes by mirrors in the Globe de Mariee, they would smile, reminded by all the happy memories.

- House Sparrows represent freedom, joy, friendship, innocence, protection. It is the small things that make us happy.

- Siberian Crab Apple is a symbol of knowledge, immortality

- Blue Iris is a symbol of faith, hope, wisdom, courage.

- Purple Iris brings a message of intuition, perception, awareness.

- Red Carnation represents admiration, deep love, affection.

- Bluebells are associated with constancy, everlasting love, gratitude.

An ornate, hand-painted design on 14mm silk, finished with hand-rolled hems. When a woman wears this scarf, adorned with all these symbolic positive attributes, we wish her to feel empowered, energized, elated and beautiful.

Dimensions: 36" X 36"