I have been very blessed to have work that I find incredibly satisfying. I get to make women feel good about themselves with the power of clothing. I have been in the shop now for two weeks and I often hear comments as “I’m not going anywhere” “ Ill just squeeze into the clothes I have, till I lose the covid weight gain” I myself have had the same questions. Here is what I came to, in theses trying times when everything is out of our control, putting on something new and fresh and fitting well makes me feel better! I do it for myself, not for any one else. Although its lovely when you do have a compliment come your way. I am a optimist and wearing new clothes to me, says I’m getting ready for the next chapter. Also I am really looking forward to a hair salon visit too!! 

Stay safe and be well,

Aileen xox

01 avril, 2021 — Aileen Selkirk

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