It is so wonderful that our city is opening up! To be in each others presence, expanding our bubbles and experiencing the joy of chatting to folks you haven’t seen in so long in person, is so exciting! Being able to make plans is thrilling! One thing we can all agree upon is the pandemic really forced us humans into all kinds of situations. This gave us new opportunities to experience things we have never done before or feel things we have never felt before.

I met a young mother who told me she was grateful to have the time to just be with her baby, and it was wonderful. I've met a few people who love working at home now and wouldn't think of going back into an office building downtown. I have also heard the opposite, some people will look at going back to the office with open arms. Mother earth showed us that when we slow down, regeneration takes place. Families united in ways that might not have happened. From education to industry and politics the disruptions were life changing. My hope is we will thrive with all the change. As Robert Frost said “The best way out is always through”

I hope to see you around!


17 juin, 2021 — Aileen Selkirk

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