Brussels Sprouts, the misunderstood veg.

I have had people who dislike Brussels spouts. Change there mind when they are served a bit differently than just steamed. It’s roasting them in a hot oven and sprinkle them with a interesting topping.

- Set your oven to 425 {pick Brussels sprouts, almost the same size when purchasing them.}

- Slice in half.

- Toss in a big bowl with a good glug of olive oil/ or you can spray them with coconut oil and balsamic vinegar just to coat.

- Season with salt and pepper.

- Toss on a baking sheet spread them out.

-Let them roast for about 20 min

- Then give them a turn around to get them nice and brown bits on them.

- While they are roasting, fry up some bacon. { I use thick cut }

- When sprouts are soft to touch, another 10 min? depends on there size and your oven, you just have to check on them.

- Put in a bowl and add the bacon crumbled, then gently mix it up.

Serve right away. If your not into meat, add toasted walnuts. Or be daring and add both!  I like to serve this along side some garlic mashed potatoes. Pork tenderloin also goes nicely. 

24 septembre, 2020 — Aileen Selkirk



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