We have been lucky with the lack of snow so far, so walking around and visiting new neighbourhoods has been very pleasant. (It reminds me that I am very lucky to have grown up in such a great area.) I was watching a gorgeous sunset the other night and just at the right moment a line in a song, "The sunset went down like a dying ember” played - it was one of those kismet moments.

With this lockdown, I’m paying very close attention and am more determined to be aware of little things, like peeling a clementine; I stop and close my eyes and smell the peel in my hands before discarding, and watch out my window in the early morning after mindfully pouring steaming water over the fragrant teabag, very slowly, into my big porcelain breakfast teacup. I now have more time to take my time.

I now look forward to drinking a leisurely cup of tea while watching the joggers and other folks walking their dogs, who always stop at my corner; I get to see what breeds they are and what fashionable coats they’re sporting. I’ve honestly never noticed so many dogs before; I was always more of a cat person.

I used to wake up, look at my emails, and plan work while drinking my tea, but I prefer this new normal and I am going to keep it when things sorta get back to the “before” time. 

Resigning ourselves to allowing a more surrendered vibe to dealing with what is out of our hands is the only way I can see getting though this time frame in our lives.

Take it easy, be kind to yourself and others, and remember the caregivers who’ve given up so much of their time to help those who need it.

21 janvier, 2021 — Aileen Selkirk

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