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So this event happened a long time ago, it was my first experience with a thief (you never forget the first time). It was a lovely sunny summer's day in the mid afternoon. Queen St was quiet with most were folks away at cottages or down at the beach if not at work. A women came in, I greeted her with the customary cheerful "Hi". She give a faint smile and proceeded to walk around the shop. She was wearing a very flowy light blue and white small floral print dress that was just a little too long for height. I thought to myself, strange if she wasn't pregnant it would trip her up as it was dragging a bit on the ground at the back. I simply thought she was just looking and not a serious shopper. So I decided to unpack a delivery. As I was busy unpacking she wandered into the change room unexpectedly. I did not notice her pick up or handle any thing? I immediately went over to the change room and peeked under the door to see what she was trying on.  I asked her what she had picked out to try on and she said a blue sweater. I was unsure what she taken in, so I asked her if she needed another size and what it was? I started looking around the shelves and I saw a two sweaters missing from the small pile of 4.


She came out of the change room and gave me a really weird look and handed me one of the sweaters. She then proceeded to walk very quickly for the door so I quickly walked in front of her to block the door way and stop her from leaving and stared her down. I then said "I think you forgot to put back the other sweater, where is it, give it back!" we had a staring contest for about 10 seconds and she reached down, pulled up her dress and took it out of her fake baby belly!! She dropped it on the floor at arms length and I bent down and picked it up, somewhat stunned, and she darted out the door, and was around the corner before I could even get over the sight of a fake rubber baby belly. It looked really real with even a outtie belly button!  

Thanks for reading, more to come..

Keep smiling,


September 09, 2021 — Aileen Selkirk

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