Like everyone on this planet right now, Covid fatigue has set in for me. I am a pretty positive person, but I will admit at this time I am feeling anxious, angry and sad. Especially for to the young children having this as their childhood. The students are missing wonderful, ordinary way of life experiences, growing as people. I also worry for the seniors who are feeling so lonely. The isolation the pandemic is causing for so many is tragic. My self talk now is, "THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. When these strong feelings wash over me, I keep repeating that mantra to myself. I KNOW I AM very blessed and lucky. So then I feel guilty for how I feel in those uncomfortable moments. These are strange days and moving into another season with apprehension is unsettling. I have had good chats with many customers and I can feel there frustration too. My work has always been about making women feel good and that is so important now more than ever. So I will keep playing beautiful music. Keep taking care of myself and those around me. Stay grateful, positive and keep repeating;  "THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.

Sending peace light and love to all.


October 27, 2020 — Aileen Selkirk

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