With the hot weather upon us and the stress of the lockdown what else is better than a pitcher of sangria while sitting out in the backyard!



- 1 bottle of rosé wine

- 1/4 cup of brandy or peach brandy 

- 1 cup of peach juice or nectar 

- 3 peaches, pitted and sliced thin

- 1/2 pint raspberries, washed

- sparkling water 



1. Add the sliced peaches and raspberries to a pitcher. Pour the rosé, brandy and peach juice over the fruit. Stir to combine. Refrigerate for at least an hour or longer.

2. Pour sangria along with some fruit into glasses. Top with sparkling water and garnish with a peach slice. 

Enjoy x 


May 26, 2021 — Aileen Selkirk

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