Here we go again, the timing of this closure for all small businesses is devastating. Everyone was gearing up, vaccines were happening, more people are accepting masks as a way of life indoors and outside!  We were ready for bringing back a little bit of normalcy. Baby showers, celebrations of life, back yard weddings were being placed on the calendar this month. My hope is that they will just be postponed for 4 weeks.

We are in a holding pattern, ready to take off and now we're stuck in this frustrating waiting game. At Posh we are going to ramp up our communications to you, to show you the lovely wonderful clothing that has arrived. I am being asked to create videos for the store which will be going out starting next week. I am very mindful of how many emails everyone receives these days, I too am wedded to my lap top far too much as well, so I get it. It is a fine line.. you will here from us twice a week and I do hope you like the added communication.

It is simply because I must do everything I can to stay in business! December's lock down was challenging, this time it is even more so! I wish our premier had done things differently. Evidence showed the small "mom and pop” store’s (so cutely called) are safer than the big box stores. Please shop local your main streets need you right now.

Everyone in the small business community in the Beach is trying their best,

Warm regards,

Aileen  xox

April 08, 2021 — Aileen Selkirk


Sharron said:

I couldn’t agree more!! “Mom and Pop” shops are far more efficient at minimizing numbers and ensuring social distancing. Social distancing doesn’t seem to occur in bigger stores. Shopping locally reminds me of the times I loved shopping in our Beaches independent stores. I’ve got clothing I bought, and still wear, from Posh in the early 90’s!!
Best wishes, everyone.

Gina said:

I was so happy when we could go in shops….and now for 4 weeks …the Ford government has it wrong …stay safe

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