This week has been particularly challenging.

I saw the eye of the storm in the emergency department of a local hospital. I witness for 10 hours, what those brave people are dealing with. When I was safe back in my own home, I went into a tale spin of sadness. I am haunted by what I saw. 

To help me see a brighter future, I truly believe that the arts heal. Music, paintings, literature and films help me feel more grounded. I look at what other creative souls are doing. Here are what has helped me, instead of doom scrolling.

Artsy a website and marketplace for art. It’s wonderful to see art from around the world. I think that is why I like selling art wear so much like the Dolcezza. 

A Music app called Radio Garden, you can hear radios stations around the world. Free & Uplifting!

P.S I have decided to get a dog. Big decision! Not taken lightly, but I want that type of companionship in my life, I’ll be walking more! Stay tuned, this early fall.

Stay safe and we will see you in May, 


April 22, 2021 — Aileen Selkirk


Linda said:

Thank you for the Radio Garden tip!

Marney said:

Great decision to get a dog. Dharma, my golden retriever has just become a comfort dog at Journey Home Hospice. She is pure joy! 😍

Claudia Tonna said:

Good Stuff, Aileen, it is uplifting to read how you are coping and yes I can only imagine how you must have felt after seeing this terrible situation for 10 hours. Make sure to send us a picture of your new doggy :).

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