When times are tough… Canadians Go Baking! Why, you may ask? It is comforting for the soul.

To bake one must be precise, have the right ingredients, mix them properly, have accurate timing; but most importantly you need to have patience. We must all show similar qualities to get through this COVID -19 madness.

I would be a great contestant on “Nailed It!” a Netflix baking competition show. No, not a professional baking show (lol)… in fact just the opposite. It is show where amateur cooks (like me) are asked to recreate some absurdly elaborate treats. Just like baking you do not have to be an expert to get through this crisis. Right now, we are all amateur’s trying to cope the best we can. 

Now is the perfect time to break out those hidden baking items that were perhaps a gift or an impulse purchase. Dust it off and make that homemade bread; or use that “Bundt Cake Pan” that has been taking up your shelf space. 

The main message I am trying to convey is;  “Keep Calm and Bake On”.

Share your pictures and recipes with others as everyone likes pictures of yummy food!

Be well and sending positive vibes to all,


April 24, 2020 — Aileen Selkirk

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