As I slip into the warm lavender scented water, I have a more heightened sense that my bathing ritual brings me more comfort than ever before. Now that the whole world has changed, I look to the bath to feel safe and grounded. 

During this virus, very old traditions are feeling so right and needed. In my travels, I have always been a seeker of the waters. I search out Grottos, historical medical spas and I love floating in the salty seas. 

In ancient days, water was prescribed for all kinds of aliments. Water is healing, just letting your eyes rest on water brings the mind a certain sense of peace. Even watching bubbles with their little rainbow colours is a pleasant distraction from everything. 

The many shades of blue that water gifts us, sparkling sunlit lakes and the turquoise oceans rhythmic rolling white caps all bring us calm. Even aquariums can bring happiness. Many aquariums around the world are streaming live now. I particularly love the jellyfish and reef fish at our Toronto Aquarium

Being in the moment and really hearing the water creates inner peace. Sounds of a fast rushing river, the lapping of the water at the edge of the sandy shores, the sound of rain or the splashing of a fountain speak to our deep need for connection to the earth and ourselves.

So, these days when I talk to my girlfriends, I am often found saying… “go have a bath”. 
I suggest you slip into something afterwards that feels lovely (hint, nudge, wink, wink) … a silk kimono. I do!!  

Now a fire also has those primordial vibes. At night I create a fire as I am lucky to have a wood burning one. I get to poke at embers and smell the different woods burning. It helps my mind to release negative thoughts. When I do not have any wood, I light candles and watch the flame flicker and create shadows on the walls. The scented air and flame changes one’s mood. 

Fire like water is a treasure to help the spirit during these strange times. I highly suggest it! 

May 07, 2020 — Aileen Selkirk

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