"You're engaged!!!! Time to plan the perfect Wedding, the Event of the season, but wait...an unexpected guest has come to town - a guest who has made all of your hard work and plans go out the window. 

Dear Covid, your invite was not lost in the mail, you were never invited.

You have sent out your invites, you have booked your venue and vendors and your big day was a mere 3 months away just as we went into lockdown. Your heart may be feeling heavy, your optimism is growing dim, we may be facing uncertain times where postponement has become the new norm but, love is not cancelled. 

The heavy restrictions that were put into place had us reimagining our special events and taking us back to a simpler time. A time where you would get married with your immediate family by your side, basking in the love that was shared by everyone. Gone are the days where we were doing it for the "gram" where the bigger the event and the more 'likes' you get, the more popular you are. If this Pandemic has taught us anything its that; we can be challenged to have to adjust all of our big event plans but at the end of the day, love conquers all and we can still celebrate intimately in the comfort of our own backyard. 

Many couples have had to postpone their events and for those who have decided to keep their original date have gotten creative! I have seen everything from Intimate Weddings of five people to Zoom Weddings where guests can watch you get married from the comfort of their own homes to Drive Thru Weddings (which is exactly as it sounds). So although you might not be getting the Wedding you had originally planned for, you can still have a special day even if its in a new location with less people. Backyard Weddings are our current reality and its allowing us to really access our creativity and turn an everyday space into something wonderful. Something as simple as chairs, lighting, tableware and flowy outfit for a breezy backyard event can make all the difference. So although Event Venues are closed and we are limited with our number of guests, the small details you put into place at home can make a space great! 

Chairs and tables are a great way to begin the transformation of turning your backyard in to an Elevated Garden Oasis. Tables can be dressed with any colour and fabric linens allowing you to create a solid theme. Chairs are no longer just foldable, Chiavari Chairs alone come in so many styles that allow your personality and taste to really shine. Catering companies offer tableware ranging from simple to elegant, a lot of people opt for the simple and add charger plates to the mix for a pop of colour and texture - placemats are the newest trend that allow you to really get into the details of making your theme pop without it appearing too bulky. Tie your space together with the perfect ambiance whether it be votive candles along the tables, string lights lining your fence or if you have a pool, illuminated globes that float on top of the water. Even though your event may be outside, don't dismiss floral arrangement too quickly, a vase of flowers on your table for colour or even scent adds a lot to your space. Perhaps you aren't a flower person, a great alternative is garlands of Israeli Ruscus which brings a full natural look to your tables, pair it with Gypsophila, Seeded Eucalyptus or Solidago for a natural hint of colour and texture. Finish your space off with a playlist that is suitable for your theme or even something you just love to listen to - remember, every space is a blank canvas and you are the artist who can make it come to life. 

As Owner and Principal Planner at Velvet Bordeaux Events I offer my clients a "Plan C", otherwise known as "Plan Covid" where I take your original event and bring it to the comfort of your own home. It can be incredibly overwhelming having to move an entire 300 guest count wedding to a more intimate space with a more refined guest list, I encourage my clients to share their dreams with me so I can make it happen for them without them even having to lift a finger."

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June 10, 2020 — Aileen Selkirk

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